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Simon brings a wealth of business expertise gained in the service and support sector. He was co-founder and CEO of a multi-national business which he floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Dominic has worked in property development since graduating from Cambridge University in 1989 with an MA. His career has ranged from working for multi-national property advisors, to running a property development company for the last 20 years, with experience in a diverse range of development projects.

Since graduating with a BSc Elec. Eng. Chris has gained over 35 year of project management, procurement, design and budgeting expertise covering most technical aspects of large and medium scale commercial property development.

Having graduated in 1971 with a BSc in mechanical engineering, Steve went on to found and grow a company specialising in the manufacture of high-tech packaging equipment which has sold worldwide. He has worked on property financing and development for 25 years.

Chris Sokolowiski

Development Director

Steve Tanner

Non-Executive Director

Dominic David

Managing Director

Simon Arber


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